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Jumpin' Jack Flash's cousins joining in on the party

 Akane Sakurada and Hana Satou, the mothers of Jack Fukushina and Joel Sakurada, respectively.

Jumpin' Jack Flash's cousins joining in on the party

By Carol Craftman
The Spirit News
October 6, 2076

Two more recruits from Launceston, Tasmania have committed to the Leafa College Spirit Gridiron Team for Season 2077. Billy Joel Shuuhei "Joel" Sakurada, the son of Shuu Sakurada and Hana Satou, is an outside linebacker that received offers from Nebraska, Alabama, Ohio State and Michigan but committed to the Leafa College Spirit following an official visit two weeks ago. Last weekend, offensive tackle Scott Haruyuki Sakurada, a son of Haruka Sakurada and Sachiko "Sacchan" Yonezawa, also committed to the Spirit following an official visit. Scott turned down offers from a couple of service academies to commit to Leafa.

"We're quietly picking up players at positions that we need and the fact that they are cousins of Jack Fukushina is an added bonus," said Coach Harding after practice. "Joel's a linebacker that we've been scouting for a few years since I began this program. He's got good run-stopping ability and acceleration but we need to improve his strength and durability. Scott's a big beast who has the form and stance fundamentals down after a stint at junior level. I like his chances at gaining valuable experience next year at the right tackle position, since Tove [Lo] will be graduating this season."

"My mom told me that Cousin Jack had joined the Leafa Boys so I thought I wanted to follow him, me and Scotty," said Joel from his home in Launceston, where his mother was serving some pigs in blankets. "Jack, Scotty and I were dominant at our positions when we played together on the Gorillas, as well as our youngest cousin Adam. I think Coach Harding looked at our game film and saw something in both of us, that's why he invited us to visit the campus and also watch Jack and the others scrimmage. We were sold. Mum says to me, 'Get on move on, boys, your future awaits, get in there!' That's what she told me."

Sachiko Yonezawa, the mother of Scott Sakurada.

"We like the stadium name, too," added Scott from his home in the outskirts of town. "Subaru Pleiades Stadium. Fantastic moniker. Good trusted car brand, even though my Mom drives a Holden. But it's all about the college experience and the tradition. They have a nice garden, a gorgeous bell tower, clean buildings, resourceful students, courteous and professional staff, excellent catering...thus, me and Joel concluded that Leafa is a uni with the package, the gift, and that's why we're gonna be here next January."

Leafa College continue their 2076 campaign on the road against the Boise State Broncos at Bronco Stadium in Boise, Idaho, USA. The match is live via radio on 5AO and the 5AO Leafa Sports Radio Network, and via television on One locally and One World Sports worldwide.