Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Leafa Boys Continue To Reload With More Local Signings

Shinoa Hiiragi, the mother of future Leafa Spirit DT Kieran Hyakuya.

Leafa Boys Continue To Reload With More Local Signings

By Naoto Suzukawa
The Spirit News
October 14, 2075

The son of Yuuchirou Hyakuya and Shinoa Hiiragi, defensive tackle Kieran Yuusuke Hyakuya is a blue-collar sinpunisher on the defensive line and is slated to follow a trail blazed by greats such as Oscar Inui and Levi Iori for Dan Harding's Leafa College Spirit Gridiron Team. Nicknamed "Hard Yakka" for his fondness of Hard Yakka work apparel, Kieran already is committing to work in the construction business or in fisheries when his playing career wraps up.

"Unlike many of my peers, I know what I want to do when I'm done playing gridiron," Kieran said from his home in Launceston. "I decided I wanted to immediately go into construction or aquaculture and do some of the down and dirty work that a lot of the tough blokes in my town do. Mum tells me I need to be spontaneous and self-sufficient and Dad tells me, 'Son, I know you are capable of having a plan, so get out there and do it.' So yeah, I am looking forward to having a fantastic career in Canberra and hopefully I even get to play in America in front of big crowds."

Misora Whiteale (second from left) and Kanata Age (top right), the parents of Kent Age-Reynolds.

A great-grandson of the late legendary singer Dan Reynolds and the son of Kanata Age and Misora Whiteale, middle linebacker Kent Age-Reynolds (Age is pronounced "Ey-Gee" or "A.G.") is considered by many scouts to be the next Roy Hanamura at the position for the spirit. In his career playing football for local club side Gorillas, Age-Reynolds recorded 156 tackles, 40 interceptions and 50 sacks. He can catch the ball, he can stop the run and he is an addict of a strong, effective pass rush.

Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds (third from left), 
the great-grandfather of Leafa Spirit middle linebacker Kent Age-Reynolds.

"Sometimes I'm inspired by Old Man Dan and I pull up his catalogue of music with his band Imagine Dragons," said Kent from his apartment in Launceston. "I like music. I sometimes play in a session band with Brocko [future Leafa punter Brock Ebina-Doma], Valla [right end Val Kiryuu-Cranell] and Kieran at Brooks [High School] and we play covers of songs from the Dragons and Atlas Genius.

"I do lead vocals and bass, Kieran does drums, Val does rhythm guitar and Brocko does lead guitar and synthesizers. Our band's name reflects our city: Launceston Boys. We don't get to perform and record as often because of Kieran's volunteer work. Very selfless mate, you know. We like music but we also like to play gridiron so we hope to get people singing next season. On the pitch, I love to make plays as a middle linebacker because I get to show my leadership. So I want to be a leader and example to all the mates because we're all great people and we bleed Green and Gold."

Mizuki Sera, Val Kiryuu-Cranell's grandmother on his mother's side.

Kiryuu-Cranell's grandparents include Bell Cranell, Aiz Wallenstein, Nagisa Kiryuu and Mizuki Sera, affluent people in their time. While they are no longer with him, Val carries the memory of his grandparents in a necklace that he wears every day when he goes out. Of course, when it's gameday, he puts the family jewels away in his locker until the game is over and he's showered up.

"A pendent that Grandma Mizuki gave me before she died, yeah," said Val from his home in town. "It has some of the most precious stones you will ever find and is a family heirloom. I inherited a massive fortune from my grandparents and I have elected to put a good deal of it into mutual funds while taking some for the usual house payments and college expenses.

"College is pretty expensive these days. That's why I have been frugal with my spending, only buying things I need, like groceries and other household tools. Now that I will be heading off to the capital to continue my lifelong journey, I plan to become successful as my grandparents by becoming a musician and tell my life story through song. I got a lot of years left and I plan to live to tell everyone about it."