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Leafa College Stadium Renamed "Subaru Pleiades Stadium" through 2100

Leafa College Stadium Renamed "Subaru Pleiades Stadium" through 2100
Mandawuy Yunupingu Field Name To Remain For Non-Sponsorship Purposes

By Naoto Suzukawa
The Spirit News
November 26, 2075

In a historic move for the Mitakihara University System and Leafa College, Mandawuy Yunupingu Field will be renamed as Subaru Pleiades Stadium as a result of a naming rights deal involving Japanese giants Fuji Heavy Industries. FHI President and CEO Yoshiyuki Takamori is the father-in-law of future Leafa Spirit kicker Marcos Minato Stratos and the father of Marcos's fiancess Subaru Takamori. Mr. Takamori was at the press conference, along with Mitakihara University Chancellor Dr. Hozuki Ferrari and Leafa College Provost Kyouko Sonan. He was raising his fists like a champion boxer at the morning junket.

"It is with great honor that the Subaru brand graces its magnificent presence on this Australian theatre of dreams, here in the nation's capital," said Mr. Takamori. "Subaru is one of the world's largest automakers, known for cards such as the Impreza WRX and the Legacy 2.5GT, the Outback and Forester. In motorsports, we have been known as a powerhouse in rally team racing, with Subaru Rally Team Japan flying the flag for its nation's colours, as well as Subaru Rally Team USA, Subaru Rallycross Team USA and Subaru Rally Team Australia.

"This year, we renew our interest in the name of sport by turning to the game of American football, a sport that is famous in Japan, as well as, of course, the United States and Australia. The Subaru Pleiades Stadium will be a state-of-the-art stadium, with a heated pitch to allow for all-season use. It will be used for concerts, soccer matches, rugby matches, and the high school and collegiate national championships in American Football. We will upgrade the seats to make this a 40,000-seat stadium with seats on all sides. Every seat will be the best seat in the house and it will also be home to the largest HDTV in the country, which can be seen from up to 10 km away.

"The motto for the Subaru Pleiades Stadium is 'Dreams In Motion'. Leafa College's theatre of dreams is full of activity, and there is always something going on, even if the gridiron team is not playing. We will make this stadium one of the cathedrals of sport, a heavenly place dedicated to the dedicated. With my daughter and my son-in-law enrolling at this campus in January, everyone at FHI is excited to be a part of the magic that happens every day here at the Subaru Pleiades Stadium. Lift your Spirit higher, to the heavens!"

The naming rights take effect on 1 January 2076 and expire on 31 December 2100. The name "Mandawuy Yunupingu Field" will remain as the stadium's non-sponsorship name and the stadium will revert to this name on 1 January 2101, unless there is a new naming rights deal secured. This naming rights deal was valued at $750,000,000 AUD.