Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lloy Auerbach: A Cornerback With A Knack For Instruments

(third from right and far right) Sydney Sierota and Rin Shibuya, the grandmother and grandaunt of Lloy Auerbach on his mother's side.

Lloy Auerbach: A Cornerback With A Knack For Instruments

By Carol Craftman
The Spirit News
August 13, 2076

You can give Felipe Baloy Auerbach any musical instrument and he will be able to play it with ease. It can be a drum set, a marimba, even a shamisen made a millennium ago and still in playable condition. His preferred instrument: an electric bass he calls 'Sydney," named after his late grandmother on his mother's side, Sydney Sierota. Lloy, as he is known, is the grandson of the lead singer of the band Echosmith; the great-grandson of Black Keys frontman, the late Dan Auerbach, on his father's side; and the grandaunt of famous Japanese idol Rin Shibuya on his mother's side.

"I studied the pieces of my grandparents and my great-granddad and learned to play different instruments," said Lloy, a music major who, in an interesting twist, is playing gridiron for Dan Harding's Leafa College Spirit. "I moved to Brisbane with my parents at the age of six and Australia is far more progressive in terms of culture and music is a major part of it.

"Sport is also a big part of it, and I thought about joining a team in between studying notations, composing lyrics and writing short stories about how bands were broken up due to a lack of trust and hostility brought on by personal pride and greed. I've come to accept that as the norm, but it's not something that I would wish upon anyone, even myself.

Dan Auerbach, the great-grandfather of Lloy Auerbach.

"So, to ensure this, I decided to walk-on to this team in Canberra at this college in the capital. Leafa College, apparently, had one of the best sports teams in the country, and they played a sport that the country is generally not a powerhouse in until recently. Then I learned that they were the defending champions in college gridiron.

"Gero (Geronimo Hikigaya) is my good friend from secondary school and he also comes from a musical family, the Sheppards. He said as we went to the June trials, 'let's give it a go and see what happens.' We ace the trials and one week later, at a meeting at the coach's front office, he tells us we're in and we're on scholarship. Everybody tells me, if you go to Leafa College, you'll be with the Cool Kids. I think my grandmother Sydney wasn't far off with that premonition. She, and my granduncles Jamie, Noah and Graham were right all along.

"What can we say, we're with the cool kids from Leafa Town, so now we have to live up to the standards and make all of America catch up with us."