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Michael Farriss, Rome Arpinion and Storm Ingvalt round out Sakuradas

Misaki Sakurada, the mother of Michael Farriss.

Michael Farriss, Rome Arpinion and Storm Ingvalt round out Sakuradas

By Carol Craftman
The Spirit News
October 20, 2076

Wide receiver Michael Farriss is the son of Misaki Sakurada and outside linebackers Rome Arpinion and Storm Ingvalt are the sons of Aoi and Kanade Sakurada, respectively. Hailing from different towns, these members of the far-flung Sakurada family have committed to the Leafa Spirit Gridiron team after a strong performance from the Spirit over UNLV in Week 8 of the 2076 college gridiron season.  Farriss also is the great-great-grandson of Andrew Farriss of INXS.

"This is a great week for the three of us," said Farriss this week via telephone in Perth. "Me, Rome and Storm talked about joining the team via the social [media] and we met last weekend in Canberra to visit the campus. We were sold on everything: the environment, the courses, the atmosphere, the was a great fit capped off wit a big win."

 Aoi Sakurada, the mother of Rome Arpinion.

"Deffo a great call by us to come here and commit to Leafa Town," said Arpinion. "My mum was very bullish on me reuniting with Cousin Jack and I got to meet him at training and after the game. I think his game play convinced me to join him, and with the rest of our family coming in, we're going to be a tough team to beat for a few years."

 Kanade Sakurada, the mother of Storm Ingvalt.

"I think it was the advice of Aunt Hana [Satou] that convinced me to come down here, not so much my own mum's advice," said Storm. "Joel and Scott and Adam already committed to the program, so I decided that because Aunt Hana told me to, I would go. I got treated like a VIP, I couldn't believe it. And there was no turning back."

Leafa hit the road this weekend to face the New Mexico Lobos. The match will be broadcast on 5AO and the 5AO Leafa Sports Radio Network.