Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More signings step up for Leafa College Spirit

Inaho Kaizuka and Asseylum Vers Allusia, the grandparents of Jarryd Kaizuka on his father's side.

More signings step up for Leafa College Spirit

By Naoto Suzukawa
The Spirit News
October 28, 2075

Jarryd "The Bazooka" Kaizuka is the grandson of Asseylum V. Allusia and Inaho Kaizuka on his father's side and Inko Amifumi on his mother's side. A halfback with speed and shiftiness, Jarryd is looking to be a force to be reckoned with next spring for the Leafa College Spirit Gridiron team. Jarryd will be competing with Jack Fukushina for the starting job.

"I've got the smart and savvy know-how of my granddad and the cool and composed moxie of my two grandmothers," said Jarryd at his home in Launceston, Tasmania, where a lot of the recruits, if not all, are hailing from. "I could have played AFL but I wanted to get a college education and so I am playing for the Spirit next year and prove to the world that my state can be a hotbed of talent for years to come."

Lemrina Vers Envers and Slaine Troyard, the grandparents of Gilles Troyard on his father's side.

Gilles Troyard is the grandson of Slaine Troyard and Lemrina V. Envers on his father's side and Rayet Areash on his mother's side. Born in Montreal, Canada, Gilles moved to Launceston with his father Claude and mother Hadassah at the age of six. Gilles, a left outside linebacker, is a bona fide polyglot. He is fluent in English, French, German, Japanese and Korean and is also studying Italian and Spanish. Even though the correct pronounciation of his name is "Gil," his name is locally pronounced as "Gills" as in fish gills, or Gilla.

"I do a lot of lifting," Gilles said in an interview at Brooks High School in the heart of town. "Grandpa Slaine told me that I needed to be big and strong and have the shrewd character that he had. So I am planning to consider joining the military as a reserve officer. However, as an outside linebacker I know I can make a lot of money playing pro, so I want to keep my options open."

Nina Klein, the grandmother of Steele Craftman on his father's side.

Left end Steele Craftman is the grandson of Calm Craftman and Nina Klein. Named after legendary Collingwood Magpie Steele Sidebottom, Steele Craftman adds much-needed depth at the defensive end position and could be moved over to the right end position instead of his traditional position of left end since the Spirit are currently one-deep at right end.

Caroline Hikaru Makino,  the fiancee of Steele Craftman.

"I plan to double-major in architecture and engineering and help design buildings and spacecraft for a number of companies," said Steele. "The likes of Airbus and Lockheed Martin fit my fancy and why not throw in a little bit of NASA in there? I just like designing things, just like my old man did back in his day. I want to make Grandma Nina proud because she wants me to deliver. I also have a fiancee, Hikaru, that is expecting kids on Australia Day of next year. That's the day we plan to marry as well and so hope are as high as the sky. I want to give it my all for my grandma and my soon-to-be-wife. I want to be ready."