Thursday, August 27, 2015

Normie From Lara To Join The Spirit In 2077

Erina Shindou, the mother of future Leafa Spirit cornerback Norm Mitsuka.

Normie From Lara To Join The Spirit In 2077

By Carol Craftman
The Spirit News
October 13, 2076

Rounding out the trio of Mitsuka stepbrothers to play for the Leafa College Spirit of Norman Smith Hijiri "Norm" Mitsuka, named after the late AFL great Norm Smith. Unlike his big brothers Andrew and Charles who play fullback, Norm plays cornerback and is one of three cornerbacks that have signed with Dan Harding's Spirit Gridiron for the 2077 season, ensuring that the secondary depth is continuous for a few years more.

Norm is the son of Erina Shindou and Souji Mitsuka and would have been named Hitagi if he was born a woman with the nickname of Tail Brown. Norm is also a Hawthorn FC fan and has been to a few AFL Grand Finals at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in his younger years. He signed with the Spirit last weekend and when asked of his chance to continue the bloodline of Mitsukas to compete for Leafa, he was grinning.

"Now you get to see the Mitsuka legacy on the defensive side of the ball too," said Norm, who is also known as "Normie From Lara." "Up until now, my big brother Andy held the fort down but since he's graduating, me and Chaz are taking over for him to ensure that when it comes to the Leafa Boys, the Mitsukas are leading the way. My mum Erina was excited when I told her that I committed to the Spirit and so far, she's stocking on on supplies that I need when I take the train over to the capital.

"I understand that the Sakurada combine is my primary competition for a cornerback slot. Competition is great because when there is competition for a position, it means we have excellent depth and all the players are given a notice to improve or get lost behind. Coach Alcasid is a great guy that I met during my visit. I was able to taste a really good oxtail stew that's called 'kare-kare' and is served during potlucks and big dinner functions. I just hope that I don't see him leave when I get on campus because I know that coaches are lured by the money and the challenge of coaching American teams.

"But whether or not Coach Alcasid is who I play for next year, I'm not going anywhere because I know I'll get my shot at impressing Coach Harding, who I know won't be going anywhere soon. He likes building this programme and is proud of all the mates that have put on the pads and helmet of the team. So I look forward to making a name for myself with Chaz and the mates next season."