Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Seb and Char Kamiya: Proud To Be From Darwin

 Charlene Ushio Kamiya, the wife of Leafa Spirit cornerback Seb Kamiya.

Seb and Char Kamiya: Proud To Be From Darwin

By Naoto Suzukawa
The Spirit News
September 16, 2075

Sebastian Kamiya, known across Australia simply as Seb, is a fourth-year cornerback and converted wide receiver for the Leafa Spirit Gridiron Team, ranked No. 1 in the AFCA Coaches Poll and by USA Today, based overseas in America. In secondary school, he met the woman who would become his wife, Ushio Shima, in Darwin, North Australia, seven years ago. Before the two of them enrolled at Leafa College in Canberra, located on essentially the other side of the continent, Seb and Ushio married on Australia Day 2072 and spent a weekend honeymoon on the Gold Coast. She then adopted an English name, Charlene, or Char for short.

"I love Seb so much," Ushio said while watching her three daughters watch the Leafa Spirit practice. "He's such a gentleman, really takes care of the kids, always values his studies, and is so good at being the man I always wanted. When I moved to Darwin years ago, my parents wanted me to find someone to confide my future to, and it was Sebastian that opened the lock. I had the key, he had the lock, and the rest is history.

"I can only watch the games on the road. It's tough to worry about someone who plays a lot of matches on the other side of the world during springtime here. Then you worry about the jet lag, whether there may be an accident or if my husband's life is in danger. I don't need anything tragic in my life because I feel I've been blessed with so much; I don't want to lose the key to my happiness.

"Every day, when Sebastian takes to the gridiron, I say a prayer, and my three wonderful girls join me in wishing him the best. If America calls for him, we'll all move to the States and follow where he goes. I know he'll have a great career and be an ambassador to the game of gridiron. He's my husband, after all, you know?"

"What can I say, Ushio is a resourceful person," Seb said during practice at Houraisan Centre. "She visits during practice every now and then, tidies up my clothes, does occasional tutoring and knows a lot more about Australia than I do, I will admit. We both are fluent in English, Japanese and Korea but we are also learning Chinese and Tagalog. We've been to Uluru and Kakadu, did some networking in Arnhem Land and even watched a few AFL games at the G. And she's got...a very discreet way of giving me the lift I need.

"But most importantly, Ushio is a wonderful mother and we have triplet daughters: Suzanne Sazanami, Rebecca Akebono and Ophelia Oboro Kamiya. They're all growing up to be as wonderful as their mum, although Rebecca, who I call Bono for short, needs to mind her temper at times. But I fancy Bono'll inherit my competitive spirit because she wants me to do my work to the best of my ability.

"Us Top End folks are known to be very savvy and resilient. Ever since my part of the country became a state back in 2018, people have wanted to live in North Australia because the real estate is a bit more affordable. Besides, I wanted to call myself a Northerner AND a Top Ender. Ushio and the girls like it as well.

"But, for now, we'll have to enjoy our time in Canberra. It's not as rainy as Darwin but it's our capital and we love the culture and people here. We're going to miss this place when we complete our degrees. If I am not called on to play across the Pacific, I want to help develop the game back in North Australia and also be a good husband and father."