Thursday, August 20, 2015

Strike It Up: Two Fiancees Ready For Leafa College Experience

Caroline Hikaru Makino and Isabel Itsuki Tateno,
the fiancees of Steele Craftman and Jarryd Kaizuka.

Strike It Up: Two Fiancees Ready For Leafa College Experience

By Naoto Suzukawa
The Spirit News
November 7, 2075

Caroline Hikaru Makino is the fiancee of future Leafa Spirit defensive end Steele Craftman and Isabel Itsuki Tateno is the fiancee of future Spirit halfback Jarryd Kaizuka. Both will be married on Australia Day, and Hikaru will be expecting twins that day as well. As for Itsuki, her twins are expected some time in April. When asked of their big opportunity to watch their future husbands head out on to the pitch and become heroes, they were giddy to the nines.

"I am so thrilled to finally be getting a university education and become a leader in my own right," said Hikaru. "Ever since I met Steele back in secondary school, my fortunes changed. Now I have a husband to dote on and nag if I need something, even though Steele wants me to also do some things around the house. I want to major in business or somewhere in the humanities. I like to dream big so that I can be as successful as Steele, but we got a long way to go.

"I don't think he minds the fact that my chest size is not up to a normal bloke's standards but he tells me that this is the last thing he cares about. and that's great. He tells me, 'Hikaru, I'm gonna make you my partner for life and my second opinion on a lot of things. I'm gonna make you my wife and I don't worry about the details, as long as the love we have for each other is reciprocated.' He's such a gentleman, I don't know what else you want me to say."

"Jarryd's a unique type of person," said Itsuki at Jarryd's house, where she was staying for the night. "I like his personality, his charisma, his professionalism...and the way we make love is really great. I'm gonna be expecting fraternal twins in April and Jarryd promised me he'll look after them and make them grow up nice and strong like him and me. He's a good planner and plays really good at his position. Good speed, hands and toughness. His body is drop-dead gorgeous, too.

"So when Jarryd told me back when we first met, 'hey, I was named after Jarryd Roughhead of Hawthorn,' I was surprised. I thought he was kidding. But when I got to know his and learn about his affection for the Hawthorn Footy Club, I adopted that club as my team, even though I don't watch a lot of AFL since I prefer to watch soccer (I'm a Victory supporter). I heard about the stories of his grandparents and I thought, okay, I need to make this guy my man because his upbringing is something I want a piece of. So we've been together since."