Thursday, August 20, 2015

Two more Tasmanians enter Leafa's first-year class for next season

Miura Rinaldi (right), the grandmother of Dana Rinaldi.

Two more Tasmanians enter Leafa's first-year class for next season

By Naoto Suzukawa
The Spirit News
November 5, 2075

Two more natives of Launceston, Tasmania signed with Dan Harding's Leafa College Spirit Gridiron team for the 2076 season. Listed as an athlete, Dana Rinaldi's natural position is halfback but he is capable of filling a spot at wide receiver if the situation warrants it. The grandson of Miura Rinaldi and a descendant of guitar maestro Sir Keith Richards, Dana has one goal.

"I have but one goal, and that's to earn a college degree," said Dana from his home in Launceston. "Everything else is just icing on the cake. In fact, I don't care if we go winless; as long as I complete my units and get my diploma, I'm a happy camper. I want to make grandma Miura proud and I want to personally thank her for giving me this opportunity to play gridiron for one of the best teams in Australia."

Victoria Dahlgrun, the grandmother of LaVerne "Vern" Dahlgrun.

The grandson of Victoria Dahlgrun and a descendant of Charlie Watts, cornerback LaVerne "Vern" Dahlgrun is a smoking gun, meaning he can hit you from all corners and force turnovers at will like a machine. Vern committed to the Spirit this past weekend and believes that any team begins and ends with proper defending.

"I believe I have the proper package to be successful at Leafa, that's why I signed up," said Vern. "I have good speed, I am a student of the game, I believe in proper sport IQ...and I know how to play the drums like my ancestor Charlie did back in his day. Hopefully I can help the young defense maintain a rhythm all year because I have a knack for sound rhythm."