Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Violinist turned gridiron king, Hosei Arima puts world on a string

Kaori Miyazono and Kousei Arima, the parents of Hosei Arima.

Violinist turned gridiron king, Hosei Arima puts world on a string

By Carol Craftman
The Spirit News
September 9, 2076

Third-year student Joseph Hosei Arima is the son of Kousei Arima and Kawori Miyazono, two talented classical music musicians. One of his prized possession is his mother's old violin, which he sometimes uses to play pop musical tunes to share to YouTube. Arima, however, loves to play gridiron, and this Sydney native plays left tackle for Dan Harding's Spirit.

"I've been surrounded by good teams in Sydney that play in the NRL: the Bulldogs, the Sea Eagles, the Roosters and of course, my team: the Rabbitohs," said Hosei at his dorm room in Canberra. "However, I had grown so big that I was too slow to play rugby league recreationally. So Mum suggests that I try my hand at playing American football as an offensive lineman.

"At the trials in June, I showed the coaches my makeshift technique. Thanks to proper coaching and mentoring, I passed the trials and made the team. I think it was my Mum's violin that proved to be the good luck charm I needed to make the list as a walk-on. Now I am on scholarship and although I don't mind playing occasionally as a violinist, I'm all about knowing X's and O's to anything, including life."

Leafa face the Michigan Wolverines this weekend as the Spirit hope to wrap up a successful season-opening road trip. The match will be broadcast on 5AO and the 5AO Leafa Sports Radio Network, One and One World Sports globally.