Thursday, September 17, 2015

Asuka Auerbach: Lloy's Wife And Personal Bodyguard

Asuka Auerbach, wife of Leafa Spirit cornerback Lloy Auerbach.

Asuka Auerbach: Lloy's Wife And Personal Bodyguard

By Carol Craftman
The Spirit News
November 12, 2076

Asuka Auerbach, a graduate of Hanzo Academy in Tokyo, retired from life as a ninja to live a civilian life in Australia. With an aspiration to work in the field of sports medicine and train mixed martial arts fighters, the former Asuka Harada met Lloy Auerbach, one of Leafa Spirit's top cornerbacks at a meeting in Brisbane in January of this year. Auerbach and Harada liked each other to the fact that they both enrolled at Leafa and are currently first years. Both of them are also married, but not after some agreements were made.

"Lloy told me, if you are going to be my wife, you need to ditch the ribbon unless I'm playing or it's a major exam we have to take together," Asuka said. "I agree, and as I let down my hair, Lloy placed the engagement ring on my finger and we married on Australia Day in Canberra in an informal ceremony.

"So now I will do all I can to be a perfect wife, a competent mother and a bodyguard. I can use my ninja skills to protect my husband in the event anyone tries to attack Lloy. I need a man like him in my life because I reached a point in my life where I need a man as a partner. He's got a nice body and he's really good at sex. I'm not kidding, he blows my mind and turns me on so much! Oh my, I'm just blushing just thinking about how much of a man he is! Kyaaaaaaaaah! ///// I want to skinship with him right now, ahahah!

"Anyway, sorry for fangasming right there, but I love Lloy so much. He means everything to me. Besides football, Lloy's a great study buddy too. He's very smart, resourceful, has a penchant for solving tough equations and logic/common sense stuff. He likes playing music and singing and I sometimes like to dance in front of him to see if he likes it. Every time he makes a good play, my heart skips a beat and I get really warm and wet down there. Every time he intercepts, tackles hard, scores off a turnover...I want to melt into him again and again.

"I'm so happy that I have a husband in my life. I don't want to be lonely anymore and he always sings about being a lonely boy. That song that his old man loved to sing is his theme song and I sometimes dance to it in my underwear. Oh god, now you're making me say such lewd things, Carol! You perv!

"Anyway, you know why I love Lloy so much. What can I say? He's got the gift and he's got the genuine package. I hope I can have kids that grow up to be as awesome and adorable as us. I believe it. He does too, and I love him for it. I truly, truly, love Lloy Auerbach. He is my guardian angel. I can't wait to see what the future holds for both of us. It makes my heart race. I'll protect you with my life, Lloy. Oh Lloy...I would die for you! I was made for loving you! If I should die tonight...let it be in your arms!"