Friday, November 13, 2015

180 Countries in 180 Days: Leafa's Push To Be A Global Name

Nao Tomori, provost, Leafa College.

180 Countries in 180 Days: Leafa's Push To Be A Global Name

By Reiko Arisugawa-Bell
The Spirit News
August 1, 2077

In an unprecedented marketing campaign by the Mitakihara University System and Leafa College, Dan Harding's Leafa Spirit Gridiron Team took part in 180 rallies in 180 days spread across all the countries that Yuu Otosaka, the father of Spirit free safety Hugh Otosaka, visited, along with other countries not visited before. Coursework was accounted for through distance learning sessions and proctors accompaning the team and the rallies consisted of youth gridiron clinics, with some countried lucky enough to host a game between the Spirit and one of its residential teams. The Spirit went undefeated, going 15-0 in all the games played around the world in all six countries, starting in New Zealand and ending in Australia.

"This is an exciting time to make a claim as being the college football team of the world," said Leafa provost Nao Tomori, the mother of Hugh Otosaka. "In America, you have your choice of team to support when it comes to college football. But outside the world, there is only one team willing to put the hopes of the world on its shoulders, and that is the Leafa College Spirit.

"Leafa is the world's team. Leafa will make the world's dreams come true. Leafa is here to raise the world's spirit higher. What a fantastic tour we had, a beautiful journey spreading our love across 180 countries that embrace this sensational sport to watch and play. Our brand name is stronger than any Premier League side, or any side that plays for the Big Four leagues in North America.

"The mascot, the shield, the Rune L, that symbol of our Tower, they are all national treasures. Our games are always sold out and we are considering moving the matches to Canberra Stadium because the demand is so great. Leafa does it better. We play gridiron with style, class, execution and passion. We only conceded seven touchdowns during this tour, while recording 300 equally through the ground and through the air.

"And this is a sign of things to come. Our players, including my son, will get some rest before training for next Spring. The season starts in America against Georgia and the Bulldogs want to slow us down. We won't let them. The world won't let them. We're Leafa College, we can do what we want, and we're going to stuff anyone that gets in our way. The world's team is ready to rock the universe. It's time to Lift Your Spirit Higher!"