Friday, November 13, 2015

"Don't Expect Much To Change": New Leafa Offencive Coordinator Ethan Wakamatsu

"Don't Expect Much To Change": New Leafa Offencive Coordinator Ethan Wakamatsu

By Reiko Arisugawa-Bell
The Spirit News
August 3, 2077

New Leafa Spirit Gridiron Offencive Coordinator Ethan Wakamatsu, the former receivers coach, doesn't expect much to change in the Spirit's methodology and collective approach to game day. The Spirit open the season with three straight games on the road and will reconvene for training on Aug. 14 after giving two weeks to recuperate following a grueling promotional trip that saw them been around the world. Ay, ay, ay.

"Don't expect much to change regarding our way of handing the game this season," said Wakamatsu at Houraisan Centre during a press conference. "We know what we are capable of, we expect high production and we have a very young side this season, mostly first-years and second-years.

"Our overall captain will be Gareth Kokonoe, a fifth-year player on our side. A number of second-years applied for the defencive captain position and I gave it to Shaun Hijirikawa because of his academic successes and outstanding form and professionalism during our trip. Gareth and Shaun have a responsibility to live up to the expectations when wearing the C. It should not be wasted. As one of the elder statesmen, Gareth knows this very well and is ready to lead the way as overall captain of this team.

"The boys are getting their rest and units done. One of the first-year players on the team is getting excused to attend a family matter with his sister and he's off to Western Australia to pay his respects. Otherwise, all of the boys are here and they are getting their rest.

"It's been a long trip, something we've never done but hopefully the world knows that we're not just a team all of Australia can support. We're for the world and for the sport, and you can't ask anything more than that."

Leafa open up their season on Aug. 28 against the Georgia Bulldogs at Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia, USA. The match will be televised live on One in Australia and broadcast by 1LF (pronounced One Life), the radio station formely known as 5AO, and 1LF Sports Radio Network.