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By Reiko Arisugawa-Bell
The Spirit News
August 5, 2077

Newly-minted Leafa Spirit first-year defencive tackle Jules Amagiri and his sister/partner, Karen Amagiri, flew to Perth this past week then took a bus to Bremer Bay to the Church of the Holy Cross on John Street to pay their respects to Karen's biological mother, Kirin Toudou, who passed away due to a sudden heart attack. As they made their way to the Church, accompanied by their parents Ayato Amagiri and Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld, Karen was in tears as she passed by the casket of her now-deceased mother.

As it was her time to finally speak a Eulogy, Karen went up to the podium, biting her lip and holding back the tears as she coolly and calmly said her eulogy.

"Citizens of the West, men and women of the East, children of the North and South...I was only six years old when I went to the northern part of Western Australia with Papa, Mama Julis and my own Mama Kirin. As we arrived in this sleepy town, it was so hot and dusty I needed to drink lots of water. Along the way, my mom pointed to a sign. It said, '6KA.' Now, as you all know, my full name is Katherine Kimberly Kristina Karina Kumiko Karen Amagiri. Combine the Ks, you have six of them. Mom said, 'I named you after the radio station here.' That's when I realized how special and precious Mama is to me.

I realized the history of Mama Kirin Toudou, known for her excellent swordsmanship and chivalrous nature, and how she became a great mother and a wonderful wife for my father, Ayato Amagiri. She is a woman that could do anything she could, other than overcome a fear of planes, swim and cook. I can do those things because of my other two parents sitting across from me as I say this farewell.

"Mama Kirin was my mom. I have her eyes, her hair, her frame, her demeanor. Her big-brother complex attachment to Papa is why I became so attached to my onii-chan Julius, who I love with everything I have because I depend on him more in every way. But it was my mom that taught me everything I needed to be to be a lady. To be refined, to say no when it needed to be done, to not overwork oneself when times get desperate...Mama Kirin was the shoulder I cried on when I couldn't be with onii-chan. She was a rock in our family that provided the cool voice of reason when Mama Julis showed her temper issues. She was that effective.

"Mama Kirin told me, 'You should take up sports because you've got the body that can be successful playing sports.' I decided to play volleyball because the way girls serve balls is just like how Mama Kirin attacked with her nihountou, which she calls Senbakiri. It is a memento that I now keep as my good-luck charm that I kiss before I play a game. In fact, all the clothes Mama used to wear when she was younger are now my property, even her undergarments.

"Strange and lewd, I know. But Mama had the gift and the...endowments to be the role model that I could be and she was also an inspiration to many young people in Western Australia. Earlier this week, I met a number of kids who met Mama Kirin and talked with her. They told me that she wants peace and tolerance in our community. Give a little bit, even if it may be too much. Take a stand against the oppression of minorities. Respect and celebrate Australia's aboriginal heritage. And promote the rights of the LGBT community and be free to choose who you want to love without being stigmatized by anyone.

"That was Mama Kirin, in a nutshell. She may not be with us anymore, but her legacy lives on in all of us, and it's up to us to keep the fire burning. The woods are lovely, dark and deep. She has kept her promises and earned her sleep. Mama...daisuki."

As the tears finally began to fall out of Karen's eyes, she went to the casked, closed her eyes and kissed it. A flash of light caused Karen to black out and collapse on the floor. "Oy, Karen, KAREN!" exclaimed Jules, rushing over to her.

"Oh my," said Julis, looking over at the casket. "It's...empty..."

After a few hours, Karen woke up, back at her bedroom in the house that she and Jules lived in when they were younger. She was in her underwear and an open shirt, the event causing her to sweat profusely and her body heat rising. " I?" She turned around and saw a relieved Jules, tears falling out. "O...nii-chan?"

Jules hugged Karen before they kissed. "Karen...don't let me lose you anymore. I'm so glad you recovered. I love you so much!"

"I love you too, onii-chan." As they let go, Karen noticed her bust size and her frame. It resembled that of her mother. "I think...I am now one with Mama..." A smile was on her face as the two of them kissed again. "Now I am with you everywhere you go. I am your mother, sister and lover all wrapped into one. I think this is what mom wanted, to be with you to the end."

"R...really!?" Jules got on the bed and hugged Kirin from behind, spooning her as he wrapped himself around her, savoring her soft skin and beautifully scented hair.

"So now you have to listen to me and not be rash when you make choices all right? If I have to, onii-chan, I'll make you know your place, but it's because I love you too much to let you go."

"The type of stuff Mama Kirin would say, indeed. Because, Karen, you are now Mama. I'm so glad you never left me."

"And I never will...Jules."

Ayato and Julis watched from a distance as the two of them fell into a deep sleep, locked in each other's embrace. "So when are they going to head back to Canberra?" Julis asked.

"They report to camp on the 14th," Ayato said. "Give them time, it's been a long day for all of us. At least Kirin's spirit still lives and our son doesn't mind."

"Not one bit." Karen and Jules would return to Canberra two days later to prepare for the 2077 college gridiron season. The Spirit are ranked No. 2 in the polls behind LSU and face No. 3 ranked Georgia on the road to start the year.