Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"In My Family, My Roots Go Deep": Morgan Kusanagi

 Ouka Ootori, the mother of Morgan Kusanagi.

"In My Family, My Roots Go Deep": Morgan Kusanagi

By Reiko Arisugawa-Bell
The Spirit News
September 4, 2077

The grandson of Izumo Kusanagi and the son of Takeru Kusanagi and Ouka Ootori, Morgan Masaharu Kusanagi was raised to be useful as a serviceman for the Australian Army, hence his computer science major degree. Well-fit, well-chiseled and full of speed and strength, Kusanagi can play the wide receiver and tight end roles without much dropoff in production.

"Be versatile, be ready, be prepared," said Morgan via phone interview ahead of Leafa Spirit Gridiron's scheduled match with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. "In my family, my roots go deep. My grandfather in his younger days was a smoker but quit later on so that he could have a wife and be married to my grandmother. However, when I turned four, he died of lung cancer and he said to me, "Morgan, I can only regret not being able to live to see you grow up. For this, I take responsibility and offer you my blessings to live long and be successful from this point forward.

"After Mom and Dad retired from military work, they chose to settle in Australia and have a family. I have a twin sister, Yuuko, who plans to play soccer at Leafa. She plays as a winger and is fleet of foot and scored at least 10 goals per season back in juniors.

"Mom and Dad want me to serve in the military when I grow up but I can only do that after I have a good career playing professionally in America. If things don't work out, I already have a plan B in hand. Mom and Dad have it all set out for me but it's up to me to provide the finishing touches.

"I gotta make my parents proud because without their love and affection, I wouldn't be born and raised in Footscray, watching the occasional Bulldogs game on the side. I don't play footy, though. I play gridiron, a sport for real blokes like me. I'm going back to my roots."