Thursday, November 12, 2015

Jack Fukushina rejects Heisman Trophy, award to be declared vacant

"He did WHAT!!?" 
Akane Sakurada, mother of Jack Fukushina, upset at the decision of her son to reject the Heisman Memorial Trophy despite finishing first in the voting.

Jack Fukushina rejects Heisman Trophy, award to be declared vacant

By Carol Craftman
The Spirit News
December 19, 2076

The 2076 Heisman Trophy was all but prepared to go to Shae Katou-Aki, the second-year quarterback of Dan Harding's Leafa Spirit Gridiron Team. However, a leaked report by Tear Lightning of 5AO confirmed that the trophy was scheduled to go instead to first-year halfback Jack Fukushina, the Doak Walker winner as college football's top running back.

Because of this, all bookmakers suspended betting on the Heisman Trophy and refunded all bets to all punters at no cost. The original delegation of Harding, Katou-Aki, fifth-year cornerback Sebastian Kamiya and Fukushina was reduced to just Fukushina and his wife, first-year linguistics major Akira Misaki, his wife and personal liaison, representing Leafa College at the Heisman ceremony.

Akira Misaki, Jack Fukushina's wife.

"The Heisman Trophy is supposed to be awarded to college football's best player, not second-best," said Fukushina at the ceremony, drawing gasps of surprise from the American contingent. "This is the second straight year that you unqualified voters in the media overlooked Shae's contributions to the sport and are now messing around with him.

"This is something I cannot accept. I am not accepting this award and hereby request that this award is either given to Shae or that the award is declared vacant." Afterwards, Fukushina and Misaki left the podium to take the next taxi to New York's LaGuardia Airport, where a long flight back to Sydney awaited, with a stopover in Los Angeles.

Claudia Enfield, 5AO sports talk show host.

"We never had the trophy vacated in seven decades, and this is absolutely shocking news, history-making," said 5AO talk show host Claudia Enfield, host of the late-afternoon programme "Enfield Hour." "I don't blame Flash for his decision to reject the trophy, though. The voters didn't vote for the right player, I reckon. I feel they have an agenda toward Seamus and that needs to be dropped.

"Seamus is a hero here in this city, and the work he's done to make this second remarkably great should be commended. Had he been award the trophy last year, this wouldn't be a talking issue. But to be strangely second to a player with far inferior stats is a sign that the integrity of the American media has been smashed to pieces. You can't script this. America is messing with us Aussies and we've had enough to it, to be fair."

"Shae is crushed by this news," said Harding via telephone interview to the Melbourne Herald Sun and The Age. "He simply can't believe that his numbers have been ignored by the press in America. We're expected to have Brett back with us for the BCS game in January in Miami and I am thinking about letting Shae and Jack travel with us but not suit up. They just told me that they are doing this as a statement to the ill-advised, uninformed morons that do the voting.

"it isn't often I say this, but winning Maxwell and Walter Camp is more valuable that the Heisman. The stature of the trophy and the credibility has been shot because of the media, and that's not good for the sport globally.

"Wake up America. This is two straight years you have sent the sport into disrepute by having an partisan agenda against the best player on my team. Messing with Leafa College is a death wish, and you'll reap what you sow."

However, there was one person that did not approve of the decision.

"He did WHAT!!?" exclaimed Akane Sakurada, Fukushina's mother. "I don't believe it. Who cares about Shae! His job really is to be a game manager, not really be the hero every time! I wanted to see the trophy! It could have been one of family treasures! Unbelievable! America, this is your fault for letting history repeat itself! You just Yanks can't do anything right, and that's why you deserve to get smashed by our boys from Leafa Town. This is all your fault, you bloody flogs!"