Friday, November 13, 2015

Leafa College Win Fifth BCS Championship!

Leafa College Win Fifth BCS Championship!

By Carol Craftman
The Spirit News
January 10, 2077

With second-year quarterback Shae Katou-Aki and first-year halfback Jack Fukushina electing to sit out the 2077 BCS Championship Game at Dolphin Stadium in Miami Beach, Fla. due to confirmed Heisman voting bias, it was up to other faces to pick up the pieces.

Fellow second-year and backup QB Kaz Kasumigaoka passed for 275 yards, ran for 382 yards and scored five touchdowns on offence to give Dan Harding's Leafa Spirit Gridiron a 79-27 victory over the LSU Tigers. Strong safety Ray Mononobe had a strong performance on defence with 11 tackles and an interception.

"What a great performance, by Kaz and by Ray and everyone," said Coach Harding after the contest. "We wanted to show America that we are more that just the big names that battled for the now vacant and tarnished Heisman. We did it. So we're gonna head back home and celebrate with everyone. What a wonderful performance. I'm proud of all of them."

Halfback Brett Inohara, after a long layoff due to injury, ran for 162 yards and a touchdown while catching nine passes for 51 yards. Del Chevelle Maiman also got some playing time, rushing for 152 yards and three majors while catching seven passes for 45 yards and a major. Ledley Aki led the blockers with 20 pancakes while Jarryd Kaizuka added 17 pancakes. Vern Dahlgren led the defence in tackling with 14 tackles.

Leafa finish the season 14-0 and will be hosting a special rally on Australia Day 2077 at Parliament House in Canberra to celebrate their fifth straight BCS Championship. The event is free to the public.