Thursday, November 12, 2015

Not Just Another Ace: Sam Kurogane To Show Up Doubters Next Season

Stella Vermillion, the mother of Sam "Ace" Kurogane.

Not Just Another Ace: Sam Kurogane To Show Up Doubters Next Season

By Carol Craftman
The Spirit News
December 28, 2076

Samuel Miki Kurogane is the son of Ikki Kurogane and Stella Vermillion. Nicknamed "Ace" by his mother, Kurogane is an athlete that can play halfback, fullback and wide receiver and may be a possible threat to Shae Katou-Aki's plans to win the Heisman in 2077. Katou-Aki, the second-year quarterback, will be sitting out the BCS Championship Game due to finishing second in the voting to first-year halfback Jack Fukushina, who will also be sitting out in favor of Brett Inohara, returning from injury.

"I wanted people to know that I can be a difference-maker, I can get off the ground running and that's why I decided to join the Leafa Boys in '77," said Kurogane via phone interview earlier this morning from his home in Thomastown, Victoria, his mother cooking some steak, omelettes and pancakes, his favorite breakfast dish. "Mom and Dad are graduates of the big school in Canada and so they told me, 'Come on Acey, let's make you a hero out here in Australia.'

"I didn't want to do AFL or NRL because I just don't have the size for league or the speed for footy. But I have the IQ needed to be productive on the gridiron. Fittingly, I joined the Monash Warriors when I was eight and became their all-time leading rusher at the junior level. Those numbers got the Leafa scouts looking over here and I ended up getting an invite to visit the campus.
Stella Vermillion and Ikki Kurogane, the parents of Ace Kurogane.

"I was sold. You just can't dislike Leafa College. They have great people; great athletics teams; a chivalrous, sporting spirit; a nice newspaper and radio network; the Pleiades Stadium is sold out every match; the marching band's suits and hats is iconic...I just couldn't pass this one up. In fact, Mom and Dad were with me and they, too, wanted me to join.

"So I'm quite thrilled that now I get a chance to prove myself in front of big crowds in Canberra and across the Pacific. I dreamed of lifting that college football championship trophy and continuing this dynasty of success that has been the hallmark of this team for quite a while.

"It won't be long before I find a partner of my own at Leafa Town, too. I'll give you trust, good sex and security, just like how my parents do it, because they know what it takes to raise the future heading into it. All you have to do is ask, just like that Launceston Boys song. I'm ready to heave away for Leafa. Let's do this."

"I'm happy for Acey," said Vermillion via phone interview. "My son has worked real hard to play the game of gridiron the way he wants to. He's easy to coach, easy to adapt, and can be used in a variety of situations. As long as he doesn't get injured, my son can win you championships. That's why when it comes to sports like gridiron, he's an Ace and he can do what he wants."