Friday, November 13, 2015

"The Heisman Doesn't Matter To Me Anymore": Shae Katou-Aki

"The Heisman Doesn't Matter To Me Anymore": Shae Katou-Aki

By Reiko Arisugawa-Bell
The Spirit News
August 15, 2077

As Dan Harding's Leafa Spirit gridiron go through training, third-year quarterback Shae Katou-Aki has declared that he will not worry about winning  the Heisman. In fact, the projected starter has decided that the Heisman will not be a priority at all, and understandably so at that. The Spirit face Georgia on Aug. 28 to start the year.

"I don't understand why people are talking me up to win a trophy that I will never win because the voters vote with an agenda against me," said Katou-Aki at training. "What's the point? The Heisman doesn't matter to me anymore. I mean, they were supposed to give me the Heisman two years ago and last year and they didn't. They gave it to Jackson (Tatara) and Jack (Fukushina) and that just sticks in my craw.

"So here what I'll do: I dare the press to vote me second in the balloting this year after I do my thing on the field. And if you don't see me in Orlando or in New York in December, you Yanks will have realized you made a terrible mistake three years straight and I will know before the awards ceremonies even take place. I'm not going to waste my time around this type of crap if I feel that you want me to finish second all four years I'm eligible. That is an agenda, and I have no time for that.

"And as for all you journos here, don't even talk about awards unless you want to get stuffed. I'm here to win games and team championships and keep the dynasty going. We got a young team, plenty of fresh new faces and they want a taste of victory as well and I'll be content just being a game manager. Individual awards are nice but we don't care about them. We want to be the best team in college football, and with the world on our side, we're ready to do just that."