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Two Sandgropers sniffing out Spirit Senior Day 2076

Basara Toujou, the father of Sonny Toujou.

Two Sandgropers sniffing out Spirit Senior Day 2076

By Carol Craftman
The Spirit News
November 23, 2076

A couple of new commits from Western Australia will be making their official visit this week in Canberra as Spirit Senior Day 2076 salutes the athletes of the Leafa College Class of 2076. One of those commits is Samson Yasuhiro "Sonny" Toujou, a 6'1", 205-lbs outside linebacker from Albany. The secret to his strength and physique lies in the fact that he was breastfed by his mother, Mio Naruse, as a baby until turning age two. The assertiveness of his mother and the confidence and resilience of his father made Sonny the man he is today. His twin sister, Delilah, also known as Della, is a volleyball player and will be playing next spring for the Spirit as an outside hitter.

Mio Naruse, the mother of Sonny Toujou.

"When it was revealed to me that I was breastfed at a young age by my mom, who is still voluptuous to this day, I thought, well, that explains why I got really big and strong and can hit a lot of people hard," said Toujou via phone interview. "Della and I moved in to Canberra last week and we're going to spend the next few years off campus. We like it here, the atmosphere's great and we're going to have a lot of fun playing defence."
Kirin Toudou and Julis-Alexia van Riessfield, the parents of Jules and Karen Amagiri. Kirin's underwear shown here is now used by Karen as a good luck garment.

Defencive tackle Ayumu Julius Alexander "Jules" Amagiri is a 6'4", 294 lb beast out of Bremer Bay, WA. Able to move mountains, make waves and surf waves in his spare time, Jules has a twin sister named Katherine Kimberly Kristina Karina Kumiko Karen Amagiri, also known as either Karen Asagiri or Kumiko Amagiri for short. She also plays volleyball and is a libero as well as one of the top servers in the state When the full name was revealed back at Perth Modern School in Subiaco, it amazed their peers and gave birth to the 6KA moniker, which, strangely enough, was inspired by a visit to Karratha by their parents.

 Ayato Amagiri, the father of Jules Amagiri.

"Mama Julis[-Alexia van Riessfeld] (of whom I was named after), Mama Kirin [Toudou] and Dad were visiting Karratha when I was still in my mother's womb," said Jules via phone interview. "So Mama Kirin, who is the mother of my sister, was chatting with a local. He said, 'What's your name, m'lady?' She said, 'Kirin. Kirin Toudou.' He said, 'Beautiful.' Then he pointed to a 6KA billboard and said, 'You be inspired,' and then he walked off. So Mama Kirin was inspired and decided to use six given names and the family name. Originally we didn't want anyone to know that long name but once it came out, everyone was chanting '6-K-A! 6-K-A! 6-K-A!' and the name stuck.

Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld, the mother of Jules Amagiri.

"As for me, I was named after my mother, Julis-Alexia. It's a male version of my mom's name, although my Japanese name, Ayumu, is a nod to my dad's name Ayato. I grew up really big, really strong, and so did my sister. We've moved in together in our new dorm in Canberra. All the underwear that Mama Kirin used to wear when she was younger has been passed to Karen, who actually looks like Mama Kirin in terms of appearance. It's is said that the striped underwear gives her the power to dictate games. Either she can service ace the game to death, but she generally allows her teammates to pitch in before jumping back in.

Kirin Toudou, the mother of Karen Amagiri.

"Actually, Karen dotes on me a lot and depends on me a lot so much that she has romantic feelings for me. I reciprocate such desires because my parents told me that I don't have to be stigmatized by what anyone says. Do what you want, because it's your life, enjoy it. Our mothers knew that power of love, good sex and security go a long way. However, Karen told me that we don't have to consider going all the way until we graduate. I can wait, but she told me that I could pleasure her as much as I want because she plans to do the same.

"So now that I have a partner that is my sister that looks like a younger version of my mother, we can motivate each other to be successful on and off the field of playing. I am ready to watch a good Spirit Senior Day against Fresno State. I don't think I will be disappointed, and neither will Karen."