Friday, November 13, 2015

"You Go, Joe!": Yusa Nishimori Behind Joe Takajou In Every Way

Yusa Nishimori, mother of Joe Takajou.

"You Go, Joe!": Yusa Nishimori Behind Joe Takajou In Every Way

By Reiko Arisugawa-Bell
The Spirit News
August 17, 2077

On a routine day after training, Leafa Spirit Gridiron strong safety Joe Takajou has a chat over dinner with his mother, recruiting coordinator Yusa Nishimori. The dinner, catered by the Big Group, consists of a variety of Japanese and Australian staples and Joe's favorite entree: roasted corn on the cob with sweet cream butter. Takajou, the son of Joujirou Takajou, likes eating  big, dreaming big, and winning big, and that's something his mother appreciates.

"You Go, Joe! I mean, I love my son's work ethic and approach to class and gridiron and relationships, all that slice of life stuff," said Nishimori, holding a cob during an interview at their dinner, which takes place at the VIP suite and restaurant of the Subaru Pleiades Stadium as she watched her son eat up a storm. "He's a sweetie pie and he tells me all these tall tales of big guys from America, all these receivers and all the turnovers he's forced.

"Joe just loves to play gridiron and he even pretends to be a general manager while simming games like that. He's professional, gets good grades, has the charms and swagger that my husband has...everyone that I have met never said a bad thing about Joey. They even call him 'Mojo' because he just keeps moving when he plays. Never keeps his head down, never goes after the referee, never complains about a call.

"That discipline that Joe has is something that my husband instilled in him. He could have played baseball or cricket but that was just not his thing, even though one time he did hit a century as a silly mid-on. Joe wants to hit people, to intercept passes, to go after the quarterback and put his body on the line. He never got injured last year and that is something I am personally proud of.

"Since he's the returning strong safety, he's going to be the mentor to the two new guys coming up to compete with him at the position. I told Joe today, 'You now need to be a teacher and teach the others how to play your position and make plays because you never know if you'll pay the price and they'll have to fill in for you. And then they're like, how do we do this. Joe, where should I position myself when I do prevent or 5-2? Stuff like that, so get a move on.' That's what I told my son. He's gotta be accountable.

"Whatever he does, I support it. Joe believes in doing the right things. He's very ethical, very responsible, and most important, very professional. So that's why when the fans chant, 'You Go, Joe!' I know he's making me and my husband Joujirou very proud."