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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: In Brock Ebina-Doma's Words

Savanna Ebina-Doma, the wife of Brock Ebina-Doma.

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: In Brock Ebina-Doma's Words

By Brock Ebina-Doma
Special To The Spirit News
September 22, 2077

As a punter, you have one job, and one job one, and that's to give the opponent the most difficult field position imaginable. My name is Brock Ebina-Doma, the punter for Coach Harding's Spirit, and I'm a second-year student at Leafa College. I've settled into my role as a punter, and I want to believe that I have a future playing in North America in this position but I am always willing to try AFL and maybe try out as a top-up player for the Giants.

My wife is Savanna Ebina-Doma, formerly known as Savanna Konecki. Adele Adkins, Florence Welch and Taylor Swift are among her grandaunts/grandmothers. She loves to sing and her body resembles that of Grandaunt Taylor in her younger years. She like to sing as a hobby and prefers to work in the coffee or fashion industry, or perhaps work as a nurse. She embraces the coffee culture we have here and her preferred blend combines Liberica with Arabica beans procured from Southeast Asia.

Sometimes I think about my own mortality when I am on the road. I think about Savanna and the day when we decide to have kids and settle down as a family, living the Australian dream like the song "Leafa Heave Away" suggest. What is the Australian Dream, I wonder? Surely sports has something to do with it, as well as friendship and compassion. Great food and drink and humor is part of it too.

Savanna worries about me too much on days when I have to be away from her. She's studying to be someone, I'm studying to be a successful athlete and put food on the table. I tell her, "Listen, Savanna, everything I will do, it will be for you and our kids. Trust the one that will take care of you when your life is on the line because I will deliver." She listens to everything I tell her. When I can see that trust in her eyes, I know that I can carry the burden of responsibility when me and mates go to battle on gameday.

Every snap, every kick, every coffin corner...I always look forward to the next play. If I am needed, I will be there to make a difference. i know Savanna wouldn't want it any other way.