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"I do 100 snaps a day after school to get the form down": Uptown Fong

Mao Kurokawa and Nao Mashiba, the mother and (surrogate) father of Uptown Fong.

"I do 100 snaps a day after school to get the form down": Uptown Fong

By Reiko Arisugawa-Bell
The Spirit News
October 12, 2077

Ulysses "Uptown" Fong never knew his father the way he wanted to. His father, Fong Xu-Kai, a former Islamist under the alter ego Jassim Abu Bakr Al-Badraq, was killed in action while fighting for the military in China against the same enemies he used to work for when Uptown was four. To this day, he lives with his biological mother, Mao Kurokawa, a Hiroshima Carp supporter, and his second mother and surrogate father, Nao Mashiba. Fong never wanted to be in the military. He embraces sports and songwriting and was responsible for penning a couple of Leafa College's fight song.

"I was named Uptown in tribute to the late Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson and their song 'Uptown Funk,'" said the Canberra native Fong, doing another of his usual rituals at practice: 100 snaps after practice. "I do 100 snaps a day after school to get the form down as a centre. Before my father left on his fateful journey to the Levant, he confided to my mother Mao that I would grow up to be big, strong and play gridiron.

"I didn't think he would be right in the end, but I love college football, the NFL, our local league here in the Territory and New South Wales that I wanted to be a part of it. Mother Nao told me, when I turned 10, you should follow your dreams and never shy away from a challenge. I am glad I listened to her because now I know what I want to be: a Super Bowl-winning centre in America.

"I do a lot of lifting, a lot of eating in the form of Major League Eating, and actually, believe it or not, Matt Stonie is one of my distant relatives, so I naturally have an expandable capacity. But eating and drinking competitively is not my trade. I write songs, I play sports. And that's pretty much it, other than studying.

"I especially want to make my mother Mao proud of what I do when I join the team for camp next winter. I know it won't be easy to be a student at Leafa, but my mothers told me, I can't back down from any challenge. Embrace, enjoy, enlighten. I'm going to turn skeptics into doubters and be a difference for my new team. Uptown Fong you up."