Thursday, May 12, 2016

"A Miracle": A Simple Visit By Katou-Aki's Mother Heals Shae Of Injury

Megumi Katou, the mother of Shae Katou-Aki.

"A Miracle": A Simple Visit By Katou-Aki's Mother Heals Shae Of Injury

By Reiko Arisugawa-Bell
The Spirit News
November 2, 2077

Leafa Spirit quarterback Shae Katou-Aki suffered a concussion and had to recover at Leafa College Medical Center. The prognosis was that he would be out a few weeks and he would be under threat of not winning the Heisman Trophy for another year. However, in miraculous news, at a press conference at Houraisan Centre, Spirit coach Dan Harding announced that Katou-Aki recovered from his injury and would be back at training the next day ahead of the match with Nevada.

"This is, I can't believe it, unbelievable news," said Coach Harding, wiping away a tear. "What Shae told me was that his mother visited him, they had a long talk over classes, the team's progress, and the long road ahead and all that sorts, and after she kissed his forehead, apparently his symptoms subsided and he was back to full health.

"This is a miracle that he healed quickly, and I think it was the mother's touch that got this man back on his feet. We look forward to seeing Shae back at training because we have a long, challenging stretch of home contests to take care of and we need Shae out there for the boys."

Shae's mother is Megumi Katou, who is a former model and video game designer that has now retired to doing writing and photography. No surprise that she knows Shae more than anyone out there.

"I told Shae, you're been eating too much sausage rolls and saveloys, that's why your head hurts," Katou said. "Mind what you eat, mind where you are when you play any down with your mates because you are responsible for you. That's what I told my son. Once I assured him there was nothing to worry about, his body responded and it's back to work for him again. A long ways yet to go, but I am pleased with Shae's work for his team and for the College. Real proud of that lad."

Leafa College vs. Nevada is part one of the November To Remember promotion as buildup intensifies ahead of a strong postseason placement for the Spirit. All November To Remember packages, which include admission to all remaining Leafa Gridiron home contests, are sold out.