Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Are Leafa's Gridiron Heroes Really Professionals In Disguise?

Alice Third Macy, mother of Albert Miyakuni.

Are Leafa's Gridiron Heroes Really Professionals In Disguise?

By Reiko Arisugawa-Bell
The Spirit News
October 19, 2077

One of the big questions that many students at Leafa College have been asking is this: are the players who compose the list for the gridiron team really just professionals disguised as genuine student athletes? Or are these all baseless rumours designed to discredit the legitimacy of the program in question? Alice Third Macy is the mother of Leafa signee Albert "Abba" Miyukuni and she argues that no, there is no reason to be concerned.

"They just have a very good conditioning program for the first years and that helps establish their form," said Macy. "I talked to the trainers to ask if Abba will be able to handle their rigorous standards and they told me, it's all up to him. So knowing that Abba's a tough lad, I think he can handle the difficulties of working into the first team."

Koito Minase and Haruhiko Ichijou, Derek Ichijou's parents.

Haruhiko Ichijou is the father of Daisuke "Derek" Ichijou. He and his wife Koito Minase are convinced that the players on the gridiron side are not professionals but the quality of football makes them NFL prospects.

"Every member on that list is bona fide NFL talent. From the top to the bottom," Ichijou said. "I cannot find a single player on that team that won't be at least coaching the game professionally. Every one is a star, and that's why Derek decided to sign. They're amateur student athletes with the quality and work ethic of professionals."

Xam Yatorishimo and Sorouku Ikuta, Roy Ikuta's parents.

Sorouku Ikuta is the father of Yoshito "Roy" Ikuta. He feels tha the environment is the optimal environment for his son, a 6'3", 272 pount tackle that specializes in run blocking.

"My son loves to block players but he is too heavy for league," said Ikuta. "I said, "Roy, you can be successful being a run blocker for Leafa, they're a drive away. He did the visit and signed afterwards. It's a great fit."

Hitoka Yachi and Shouyou Hinata, parents of Josiah and Rhett Hinata.

Shouyou Hinata is a retired volleyball player now working as a sports trainer in Coffs Harbour. His younger son, Masaya "Josiah" Hinata is a signed recruit who plays as a guard, while Josiah's older brother Rito "Rhett" Hinata is a first-year  outside hitter on the Spirit men's volleyball team. Shouyou dismisses the alleged disguise as dialogue to get people talking.

"I just see all this as good publicity and my two sons see through the smoke and mirrors like accountable lads," Shouyou said. "My wife Hitoka [Yachi] and I told the boys, 'don't let anyone dismiss you as professional ringers. You have a degree to obtain. The titles and honors on the court and pitch will always come second to your education.' They know it, and I don't really have to say anything elese."

Leafa are off this week and are away to Colorado State next week to resume play.