Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dan Harding Pertubed By Lack Of Privacy At Practices Away

Dan Harding Pertubed By Lack Of Privacy At Practices Away

By Reiko Arisugawa-Bell
The Spirit News
October 17, 2077

Leafa Spirit Gridiron coach Dan Harding is not pleased that enthusiastic onlookers were able to find out the location on their team camp and request for autographs and photo opportunities when training sessions are generally not open to the public. In a change from the usual camp in Las Vegas's city limits for away matches against the UNLV Rebels, the team stayed at a Best Western and had their training at Canyon Springs High School. However, when word got out that an unusual set of buses were rolling in after school hours, some students decided to stick around and watch the training in secret.

"I can't believe that some of the locals here knew we were coming to train," said Coach Harding following the team's 122-27 rout of the Rebels at Sam Boyd Stadium. "Apparently, someone noticed the extra police vehicles and figured that we were going to roll in here for our training. I didn't want to leave a bad impression so after practice, our players did pose for photos and signed autographs for the students.

"But that's what I don't understand. I tell the students, this is what you blokes have to put up with when you are playing this sport at this level. You have a high standard to maintain and you have to protect the image and the brand of this programme and the system overall and also our nation. Naturally, the lads were able to handle themselves well, but the weather could have done its part too, because we played in a massive downpour.

"Handling success and the pressures to put on a good performance every game is part of the learning process for this team. We make improving our dynamics, our intensity a massive priority when we are training, devising a plan, executing it every quarter. So this is nothing new for them, it's elements that they have internalized before we started camp back in July. We have a week off to keep everything in perspective before we get back on the grind."

Leafa are off this week but will be training in Los Angeles next week and for half of the following week at Anschutz Centre in Carson, Calif. before flying to Colorado to face the Colorado State Rams. Training will not be open to the public, but players and coaches will be able to speak to the media following each morning session.