Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"The Blokes On This Team Are A Hungry Bunch Of Mugs": Dan Harding

"The Blokes On This Team Are A Hungry Bunch Of Mugs": Dan Harding

By Reiko Arisugawa-Bell
The Spirit News
October 28, 2077

Officially, Dan Harding's Leafa Spirit Gridiron Team fly via issued charter. However, the university has an agreement with Southwest Airlines to fly the team to away matches in the USA via Los Angeles International Airport. Today, the team left Anschutz Centre to board a flight in special Leafa College green and gold livery to Denver, where they will be based ahead of their match with the Colorado State Rams. CSU are 1-6 on the year and are expected to get run over by this side.

But it's not just the in-flight entertainment that the players like. It's the snacks. Complimentary beverages, peanuts, pretzels and Snack Packs are provided to players, coaches and staff. All the equipement is housed on a cargo plane flying ahead of the players 12 hours prior. And the entire allocation is generally used up, within an hour.

"The blokes on this team are a hungry bunch of mugs," said Leafa coach Dan Harding. "They love to have energy so that they can study and train and play. I ask the staff at Southwest to provide healthier options for the players and coaches but they told us that this was all they could provide. It hasn't harmed their form, but it does provide calories to burn."

Linebacker Storm Ingvalt is the biggest pretzel eater on the team, downing five packs of pretzels per flight. Storm believes that pretzels are soul food for hipsters and preaches about the mystiques of pretzel towns.

"Every place we visit for a game has at least one place where they sell pretzels," Ingvalt explained. "Every town is a pretzel town, and that get me motivated to lay the don't argue on someone. It causes the mates to lift. We like to lift our game when it's match day. The in-game experience, playing in a pretzel town...that's where it's at for me."