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Big Changes Coming To Leafa Town On Australia Day 2078

Leafa Town will be the new seat of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross starting January 2078.

Big Changes Coming To Leafa Town On Australia Day 2078

By Reiko Bell
The Spirit News
November 26, 2077

January 26, 2078 is Australia Day nationwide, but in Leafa Town, the college district of Canberra will become its own city. At midnight on January 26, Australia's newest city will be incorporated with a permanent population of 9,119: the Town of Leafa is its official name, but it will be referred de facto as Leafa Town, ACT, Australia.

On that same day, the country's newest soon-to-be-consecrated cathedral and minor basilica will be officially inaugurated by His Holiness, Pope Francis II (former Cardinal Francis James Lamontagna), a native of Melbourne and former cardinal of the Archdiocese of Melbourne elected in June 2076 and Australia's first-ever Pope, with Mass. The cathedral, when consecrated, will be called the "Cathedral Basilica Of Our Lady of the Southern Cross," and sits on 144 acres of previously-undeveloped land.

Leafa Town will also house the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, shared with the Ordinariate.

In addition to the cathedral (informally referred to as Leafa Cathedral), adjacent buildings for a men's seminary (Columbus Seminary, operated by the Knights of the Southern Cross in cooperation with the Society of Jesus), a women's seminary (MacKillop Abbey, operated by the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart), a boarding school with enrollment capped at 1,500 (Our Lady Southern Cross Academy, or SCA Leafa), and recreational and athletic training grounds and facilities will be dedicated following mass. All will be connected by a looping footpath for easy walking.

SCA Leafa is one of the most selective boarding schools in the nation, integrating the curriculum of the first two years of Leafa College life into its base courses to go with voluntary religious vocations and service activities. Students, upon graduating, can matriculate into nearly Leafa College, whose gates are located 144 feet south from the cathedral, and become enrolled as second year students, or continue their pursuit of a degree elsewhere. A majority are expected to matriculate to Leafa, and all students are required to reside either on campus or off campus at the Leafa Dorms.

SCA Leafa's sports teams are called the Leafa Crusaders. Its colors combine that of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, and Leafa College: Green, Gold, Blue, Ochre and White, or Gee Gee Bow for short. While the athletic fields, gymnasium, aquatic centres and indoor athletic facilitis will no doubt be used by student-athletes, an agreement with Leafa College that will be renewed every 10 years will allow the Crusuaders to stage home games on campus at Leafa as a first option.

All of the teams that Leafa Spirit Athletics already has are replicated in SCA Leafa's athletics program, and promising athletes from across the country that possess the right mindset compatible with the Academy's stringent required are being aggressively recruited to be enrolled on scholarship, simular to IMG Academy of Florida, USA. The two seminaries will be isolated from the affairs of SCA Leafa though they are allowed to attend games and events free of charge. Some students of Columbus Seminary and MacKillop Abbey will be invited to provide service and moral support during events involving SCA Leafa and the Leafa Cathedral.

Collette Uesaka is the headmaster of Southern Cross Academy, effective January 26, 2078. Her contract is effective until December 31, 2082.

Appointed as SCA Leafa's headmaster is Collette Uesaka, a resident of Leafa Town who moved to the city after graduating from Monash. Maria Imari is the athletic director of the academy and oversees the recruiting operations locally, nationally and internationally. Imari possesses a bachelor's degree in physical education and a master's in sport management from Mitakihara University Main Campus in Canada. Both are good friends from their secondary school days in Japan and speak fluent English, Japanese and Korean. Both have big plans to make the Southern Cross Crusaders an academic and athletic powerhouse within five years, at which their contracts will be completed by mutual agreement and new leadership will be appointed by committee.

"With Leafa Town becoming the meeting point of the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church, the time has come for this town to be the home of quality sports and academics at the secondary school level," said Uesaka. "I want our community and our church leaders to dream bigger while staying humble through each and every step. We already reached our cap of enrolled students and our athletic teams are also being formed and finalized. Before the entire area is consecrated and dedicated by His Holiness, our students will be moving in starting late December and all rooms will be co-ed. We already have our list of instructors and staff and the entire team is ready to serve our future SCA Leafa Class of 2081."

Maria Imari is the first athletic director at SCA Leafa and is contracted to December 31, 2082.

"At SCA Leafa, we have a universal rule, and it's that every male student be a gentleman and every female student be a lady," said Imari. "To this end, students who were accepted collaborated with staff and administrators on the Honor Code, combining Brigham Young's honor code, the honor codes at the American service academies, and the honor system of Washington and Lee University. No Crusader, man or won, student or instructor or administrator, will lie, cheat, or steal nor tolerate anyone who does. All cases of perceived violations will be brought to end-of-month meetings at the Administrative Hall, and a jury composed of equal amounts of students, teachers and administrators will made a decision as to whether the presumed innocent party is guilty or not. Anyone who is guilty of violating the Honor Code will need to voluntary dis-enroll if a student or step down from their post if an instructor or administrator. Staff at Leafa College are assigned to help with placement to other secondary schools for those who are expelled from SCA Leafa.

"At SCA Leafa, I believe that our students possess great talent. Those blessed with immense athletic ability will most likely do well on our teams. The one team I am personally excited for is the gridiron team, which will be coached by Flynn Azuma. Now Flynn is an interesting case. I listened to him about him regretting his decision to transfer to West Point. He believes that he wants to atone for his mistake by coming back here and coaching the Crusaders. Flynn already is finalizing his staff and the new players are training on the new surface, which replicated the Pleiades Stadium surface and environment but whose seating capacity is smaller and more intimate to allow players to focus on their performance and improving their skill set.

"So I decided to make Flynn our first gridiron coach of the Crusaders and so far, the first-years are very receptive to the regimen. They love the surface, the new place which is free from construction rubbish, and it's so beautiful. You've got one of Australia's largest cathedrals, two gender-separated seminaries, a footpath bedecked with flowers and statues...and the uniform of the students looks fashionable and cool while not being too restrictive. We wanted our students to embrace the school uniform trends in Japan and now, tourists might thing they are intentionally cosplaying, but this uniform, with miniskirts for the girls and khaki pants for the guys with ties and collared's a getup that makes you want a piece of this beautiful place as a student. You want to be here because it's a privilege to be here."

"At SCA Leafa, when you are successful, you can't be stopped and you will overcome those who try to be in your way. We believe in those who will come through these halls and learn the dynamics of our modern-day society through classes, retreats, service projects, and church services, if they so wish. We welcome people of all religions and convictions, even though we align with our archdiocese and the Ordinariate, but we want young men and who possess quality, leadership, dedication, commitment, selflessness, sacrifice, and a continuous desire to improve and rethink the way they approach a problem to find a solution. That's what it takes to be a successful student at Southern Cross Leafa and we have found those who are ready to go on the greatest journey of their lives starting Australia Day 2078. Gee Gee Bow, Now You Know, Rah Crusaders, Go Go Go!"