Friday, November 25, 2016

"I Don't Need To Be Asked To Do Something; I Just Do It": Jaxton Segbrecht

Tessi Rogel, the fiancee of Jaxton Segbrtecht.

"I Don't Need To Be Asked To Do Something; I Just Do It": Jaxton Segbrecht

By Reiko Bell
The Spirit News
November 25, 2077

The son of Olivie Segbrecht, first-year defencive tackle Jaxton Segbrecht moved to Australia and the heat of Darwin, North Australia, at a schoolboy age, where he was exposed to playing gridiron. Jaxton is a contraction of "Jacques-Gaston." Known as "Jacko" by his mates on the Leafa Spirit gridiron team and on campus, Jaxton is fluent in English, French and German. He has a fiancee, Pauline Therese Rogel, the personification of an obscure seaplane tender from the 1940's named the Commandant Teste. She calls him by his original name of Jacques, while he affectionately calls her Tessi.

"I don't need to be asked to do something by Tessi, I just do it and Tessi loves me for it," said Segbrecht. "My wife moved to Australia when she was in secondary school and ended up living with me in Darwin. I pick up languages easily, and my wife speaks English like a Montrealer and French like a Parisian. She's fluent in both languages, and she can cook, clean, provide knowledge that I didn't until she told me...basically a lot of the thing I do anyway out of feeling, vibration and necessity.

"Tessi was born and raised in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, the same venue as the Parc des Princes. She liked going to beach, swimming and surfing, but she also liked to design clothes and fragrances. She had an apprenticeship for a few months at a few fashion houses and she used that experience to brainstorm setting up her own business and line of clothes, fragrances and handbags. Then she realized, she needed a degree and Australia was calling.

"You know, I didn't expect Tessi, with her highlighted hair and endowments to be an important part of my love life and self-worth as a gentleman. But when she moved it, it was a game changer and I had to adjust. Tessi has this big, grand stash of books on recipes for different ways to cook beef, pork, fish, poultry and vegetables. And she was working on ways to cook kangaroo and emu while remaining faithful to her style. I like to cook too, but I only do so at her request, because she loves to cook.

Mizuki Usami, Jaxton Segbrecht's grandmother on his father's side.

"When we enrolled at Leafa, we settled in off-campus housing. I got a driver's license and I own a pink Cadillac that was a hand-me-down from my grandmother on my father's side, Mizuki Usami. One thing I should note is that while my last name is Segbrecht, it's actually the last name of my mother, which my father, Koharu, chose to adapt because it sounded more Australian. It's a true story, believe me, this is nothing unusual, although it's not common out here. Anyway, it's a very old car but it's in astoundingly perfect shape for an antique. Tessi likes to drive it too while listening to some Italian rock music. Emma Marrone's one of her favorite singers in her day. All in all, we guard Caddi with our lives. That's the nickname for our car, Caddi, and we named it that because Cad's too masculine and make the car look like a two-timing shyster.

"To me, I live for the pass rush. Getting to a quarterback and wrestling him down triggers the most orgasmic feelings in the world that only sport can deliver. I want to work hard to get more time on the pitch and make plays but I also specialize in stopping the run and eluding blockers to slow progress down. I like to exhibit speed, agility and acceleration. The Houraisan Centre allows me to fine-tune my stance, diversify my tendencies when pass-rushing or run-stopping and also improve my speed and strength through weight training and proper nutrition.

"In the sport of gridiron at the level I play, you need to eat right, train right, sleep right so you can perform on the field. Coach Gil is our defencive line coach and also shared strength and conditioning coaching duties with Coach Irons. They tell us that this regimen is designed to simulate the rigorous, demanding conditions of playing professionally in the NFL, CFL, and other professional American Football leagues around the world like Japan's X League. To add the similarly rigorous curriculum of a college education makes it even more of a challenge but me and Tessi live for challenges.

"In our world, without the ability to critically think and analyze issues that face you, you cannot solve problems and make smart decisions that can improve your way of life. You see how the inability to emphasize and encourage critical thinking and analysis has crippled the education system in countries like Thailand and a ton of countries in Africa, where illiteracy rates are still high. A noble nation built on democracy allows its citizens to make decisions that the government puts into law to secure the happiness of its people. The Mitakihara University System has many graduates go on to become strong and efficient lawmakers while avoiding the temptation of corruption that has ruined the standings of so many countries.

"It's because of this that I am a political science major and after I am done playing professionally, I want to move from Darwin and live in Victoria and get involved in local and state government. Tessi also wants to settle in Melbourne, too. I may consider heading to the Top End once in a while, but fair dinkum  mate, I reckon I've been there long enough!"