Friday, November 25, 2016

"I Wanted To Change My Name To Mojo But Sara Said No": Joe McFadden

Sara McFadden, the wife of Leafa Spirit linebacker Joe McFadden.

"I Wanted To Change My Name To Mojo But Sara Said No": Joe McFadden

By Reiko Bell
Special To The Spirit News
November 25, 2077

Joe McFadden is a first-year right outside linebacker, born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia and a dual computer science and engineering major. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of four, the young Joe, or "Joey" as he was referred to by his wife of 12 months, the former Sara Calistoga, the personification of the former USS ship Saratoga of World War II fame, was rendered a neighborhood bully by schoolboy peers before getting beaten up by the one person he would be forever in love with one fateful day, one fine day in April 2065.

"I was roughhoused by my woman after I bullied a few kids one grade below me in a street fight near my primary school in Glenelg," said McFadden, recalling younger times after practice at Fresno City College in Fresno, California, ahead of Leafa Gridiron's tilt with Fresno State. "At that time, Sara moved into town with her parents after her father got a job offer to worth in the Barossa Valley at a winemaker and sommelier for many local patrons. After I got beaten up, I was in the hospital and I was in a coma for three months, I had injuries all over me. When I woke up after my coma, Sara was next to me in tears and hugged me, crying.

"I had no idea what to think. I didn't even know I was alive because I had been in a fucking coma for three fucking months with a 1% chance of waking up. I was on life support. She could never injure me again; that was the last time she ever did that to me. She said, 'I could have been deported to America and placed in jail, and I may never live to regret it. I'm glad you are here with me, and I will never injure anyone again.' I said, 'You know, I have no idea what you just told me, but...I can assume you're glad I'm speaking with you. Maybe I should change my name to Mojo or something.'

"She said, "Don't change your name, because I'd have to call you an ape instead of 'Joey' and you are the one human being I need to now protect because if I did this to you, I need to make it up for it because if I lost you, I lose everything I ever did to be where I am now. I want you to be happy for me and for everyone that love you, because I love you.' She confessed. She actually confessed. And that was the very first time I chose to kiss her by the lips, and it healed me, and I then understood everything she said. As time passed, it would be me that would protect her and since 2076, we've been married.

Aoba Suzukaze, grandmother of Joe McFadden on mother's side with Princess Kako, taken in 2015.

"My grandmother is Japanese. Her name is Aoba Suzukaze, a longtime game character designer at Eagle Jump who was a peer to a lot of people and a longtime ally of the women of the Imperial Household of Japan. I admired my grandmother for being the one person outside of my wife that kept me in line while supporting the choices I made and showing praise for me managing my condition. She also is a Paris Saint-Germain supporter, and it's because of my grandmother that PSG are my favorite club in Europe, 10 time European champion, including this year! As the story goes, she wanted to be buried in Australia, and on occasions, I would stop by my grandmother's gravesite, have a seat and talk with her through telekinesis.

"I can actually feel her presence even though she has been gone since June of this year. I talk with Grandma about school, plans, Sara, and sports. I even perfect my Japanese, and now I can speak it fluently, alongside Korea. Ofter these chats take place for about an hour or two before I see Grandma Aoba off with a hug, a kiss and bow. Now that I am a student, I don't get to see Grandma anymore to talk with her but when I don't have classes or practice, I have to keep her updated so that her divine guidence along with my wife advice helps me do my part to do the right thing, like she always did when she was with me. Sara sometimes stops by my Grandma's grave to talk. Grandma may be dead, but she is still an active part of our family because her spirit is always alive. And if I'm doing the right thing, she gives me a rush of energy that allows me to be more close with Sara.

"Our parents want us to have kids, but we students, and when we're settled and we go through life's lessons, we can have kids. As a linebacker, I want to get playing time so I can spend a number of years serving the game of gridiron as a professional. I was too big and bulky to play AFL but Sara and I occasionally watched Sturt, and the Double Blues make plays in the winter, during my secondary school year.

"Nowadays, we are enjoying the best times of our lives at Leafa Town. It's a good college that loves its sports and academics and culture, and it's located in the capital of the country. If Leafa College loves me, I love it back a hundred fold, minimum, no questions asked. Their slogan is simply, 'Higher.' As in, 'Lift Your Spirit Higher.' At this place, when I make myself great again, it's because I am lifting the bar higher for me and my mates time and time again.

"But regardless, I still wanted to change my name to Mojo, but Sara still said no. Well, I'm from Adelaide, not Odessa, Texas, and she's from Saratoga, New York. I guess I won't complain, my name has a nice ring to it anyway. As Grandma Aoba once told me when I was a perfect 10, 'You don't mess with perfection.' Who said I would?"