Friday, December 9, 2016

"I Love Jake Reynolds": Ken Sazanami's Prep Understudy Preps For Reps

Gabriel White Tenma, the mother of Jake Reynolds.

"I Love Jake Reynolds": Ken Sazanami's Prep Understudy Preps For Reps

By Reiko Bell
The Spirit News
December 26, 2077

The presumptive understudy to Ken Sazanami for Leafa SCA's inaugural varsity gridiron team is Jacob Reynolds White, a distant relative of current Leafa defender Kent Age Reynolds and the son of Gabriel White Tenma. Playing under the name of Jake Reynolds, he is also from Tasmania but was born in Hobart before moving to Queanbeyan, NSW at age 5. An adapt quarterback, Jake specializes in short to medium range passes while eschewing the big play in favor of sustained drives and down-and-distance management. Also, unlike Sazanami, Jake Reynolds has eyes for one school, and one school only: Leafa College, where his units will matriculate to.

"Funny story," said Jake while enjoying some tri-tip on the barbie with beans imported from California, garlic bread and tomato salsa, "You know how my great-great-grandaunt Sia sings, 'I Want Cheap Thrills?' I misheard that as 'I love Jake Reynolds.' I think my old great-great-grandauntie was looking into the future and I am like, all right, no problem. I may be a backup quarterback to Kenno, but if I have my base of people who keep their faith in me, it makes me confident that I'll get playing time and help my team win games.

"The big play gets people going crazy but I don't believe any good football team lives or dies by this. I believe that sustained drives, sustained tempo, down-and-distance is more important. Handling a long drive wears down the fitness and endurance on defenses and only then can we go ahead and throw it deep, but only as a changeup. That's completely different from Kenno's mindset. He believes that a strong, accurate arm can open a game up and set the foundation for everything elese to fall into place.

"Big plays are gambles because either a receiver catches it, a secondary player catches it, or the pass is incomplete. So it is a one-in-three chance of dialing in and a two-in-three chance of the long pass backfiring. That's why I prefer to go short and mid-range, and time the connections so that I put more faith in the yards after catch. It is said, according to my new coach, Coach Flynn, that we have some good receivers, good skills players making up our varsity list, guys who can catch ball and gain yards after the catch through speed, elusiveness and acceleration.

"You know what they say: football is a team sport, and when it comes to team, no one believes it any more than me. If I have guys that can help me out on offence, I will help them out as well. Gridiron invokes brotherhood and selflessness. We're student-athletes that put our bodies on the line for our families, friends, loved ones, our community. So through the power of teamwork, we'll all win and lose as one complete unit. If you love Jake Reynolds, Jake Reynolds loves you back even more. I'll pay you off in spades, because I was born to be an ace of spades. I am Jake Reynolds!"