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"I Waited Three Bloody Years For This And Fair Dinkum Mate, It Feels Great": Shae Katou-Aki

"I Waited Three Bloody Years For This And Fair Dinkum Mate, It Feels Great": Shae Katou-Aki

By Reiko Bell
The Spirit News
December 18, 2077

When the president of the Downtown Athletic Club, Donald Trump IV, announced the name of the winner of the 2077 Heisman Memorial Trophy, Leafa Spirit Gridiron quarterback Shae Katou-Aki fell to his knees and roared at the heavens. A long, frustrating wait had finally come to an end. A signal caller and game manager that had been long overlooked in his first and second years with the team by the voters in America had finally paid his dues and earned the most coveted individual prize in college football. As he made his way up the stairs, there were tears of joy in his eyes to go with a wide smile.

"You know something, everybody?" asked Katou-Aki to the crowd at the MetroTech Theater in Times Square, New York City. "I waited three bloody years for this and fair dinkum mate, it feels great. It's a wonderful feeling and I own a lot of my patience to my fellow mates on the team, the coaches, Coach Harding, all the mates on campus over at the Town. To Jack, you keep yours eh? I reckon I got mine's.

"I never focused too much on the work I had to put in to get this far and take this weight off my shoulders. When I'm on the gridiron, I refresh myself on the rules of engagement and the strategy to win each battle. Every game is a battle, every season is a war. We're on a mission to win our sixth championship in American football and continue the dominating form that our mates in Canada had before they voluntarily dropped down to FCS level.

"I would like to request that the 2076 Heisman Trophy not be declared vacant as I realized that such a decision is not something we should set a precedent for. Take what you can give, get what you can while you're competing at this level. Coach Lachie (Lachlan Akai, quarterbacks coach) told me that.

"So hopefully that request to have the trophy vacant is overturned because it was a mess from the start and I think we can all move on from this. Our job's far from finished. The team we faced to start is the team we will finish the season against, and they have deffo improved from the last time we faced them. We'll be ready to keep our form against Georgia."

As a result of the outcome, the 2076 Heisman Trophy's status as vacant was overturned, and Jack Fukushina was reinstated as the rightful winner of the trophy.