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Leafa College Wins Mountain West Title Over Air Force

Leafa College Wins Mountain West Title Over Air Force

By Reiko Bell
The Spirit News
December 12, 2077

Dan Harding's Leafa College Spirit throttled the Air Force Falcons 113-14 at Subaru Pleiades Stadium in Leafa Town, ACT for its 13th victory of the season and another Mountain West Conference championship. A full overflow crowd of 20,000 were on hand for this momentous occassion which saw the Spirit put on a fantastic show and potentially give its ace quarterback, Shae Katou Aki, his long sought-after Heisman Trophy.

Katou Aki passed for 185 yards, ran for 424 yards and scored six total touchdowns on offence, while on defence, left end Steele Craftman had nine tackles and six sacks. Craftman is tipped to win the Nagurski Award for his work as a pass rusher and run stopper. Halback Brett Inohara had 274 rushing yards and five majors and Ace Kurogane had eight carries for 90 yards and three touchdowns.

Inohara caught nine pases for 72 yards, wide receiver Touma Yukihira had 76 receiving yards, wideout Jiji Petricca had 30 pancake blocks, middle linebacker and Bednarik Award finalist Rhys Miyazawa had 13 tackles to go with two sacks and an interception and Gilles Troyard had eight tackles and four sacks. Jim Thorpe Award favourite Lloy Auerbach sealed his case for his trophy with three interceptions.

"I like my chances this time of finally putting a large weight off my shoulders so I will look forward to visiting New York City and experiencing life in a big city like that," said Katou Aki. "It's deffo different than anything I'm used to here, so a change of scenery will give me an appreciation for what I do for my teammates, my coaches, everyone I work with and myself, as well as my family."

Leafa's season started against the Georgia Bulldogs and it will also end against Georgia, who won the SEC Championship. Georgia and Leafa will compete in the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, Calif. for the BCS Championship Game, scheduled for January 10, 2078 at 8 p.m. ET. (12 p.m. AEDT). The game will be televised by ESPN and ESPN Australia (the new broadcasters of Leafa Spirit Football effective January 1, 2078) while being broadcast nationally on radio through the Leafa Sports Radio Network of 1LF (One Life) in the ACT, 2TK in Sydney, 3TK in Melbourne, 4LF in Brisbane, 5AO in Adelaide, 6IX in Perth and Radio Sport in New Zealand and Oceania.